Toastmaster Irene led through this very special evening:

With Dhruva and Hubert we had two birthday children and of course they got “Happy Birthday” sung by us.

With Irene and Hannah, who lives now in Cologne, we had two of the “founding mothers” of the club present, and they were very happy to see how the club had developed and that the outstanding warm and funny atmosphere among the members still prevails.

Also Dhruva practised his speech he is going to give at the Divsion Contest this Saturday and was provided with plenty of useful feedback.

Sonia was our lovely table topic master who provided well prepared and appropiate table topics and with her sympathetic manner managed to make guests feel welcome on stage as well.

She also gave Josef the chance to practise for his oral exam next week.

Then we had fantastic speeches:

Dhruva practising his contest speech, great table topics that were won by our guest Daniel and a blasting ice breaker by Martin. Not to forget to mention the valuable feedback by Michael, Hubert, Maximilian (who won the price for the best evaluation) and Hannah, who trie

Having been away for most of the summer, I enjoyed this evening back as your toastmaster very much and had much fun trying to avoid my favourite filling word “so” at the end of the night – unsuccessfully, I have to admit.

Looking forward to seeing you guys and gals again soon.