Time Management

When I accepted the role as the Toastmaster of the Evening last week, I didn’t know what I was
signing up for! I checked the agenda and saw myself confronted with an agenda of two and a half
hours! Wow! That is too long! As in Toastmasters, a lot of emphasis is put on time management, I
decided that this evening was not going to be about some boring piece of mind of myself, but instead
about this very important aspect of Toastmasters: Time Management.
Time Management is a buzz word that appears time and time again in media, conversations, at work,
and on many other occasions. I, too, am guilty of talking about it a lot, but not putting a lot of focus
on it in everyday life. In Toastmasters Aachen’s 251 st meeting, I wanted to make time management
conscious and try to keep the meeting in time. I learned a lot about it in the meeting: The most
important lesson for me was, that managing time also means sacrifice. We had to cut the table topic
session to three table topic speeches and forgo the tip of the evening. I also had to keep my part as a
Toastmaster in tight limits.
Nonetheless, we had a fantastic evening with three very emotional speeches by Dhruva, Daniel, and
Saurabh, three table topic speeches by Ashika, Gosia, and Werner, three evaluations by Werner,
Srikant, and Ashika, and a brilliant technical table consisting of Yannik (Ah counter), Caterina
(Grammarian), Mark (Timer), and Irene (General Evaluator).
I am very glad that I took the responsibility of being the Toastmaster of the Evening. Although I have
been a part of Toastmasters for several years now, this evening was a little bit like breaking the ice
again for me because the last time I took this role was more than a year ago. I am happy to be with a
club where everyone is willing to take some of the responsibility: Thank you to everyone who signed
up for the evening and took a role! I am looking forward to the next meeting!
Johannes N.