Thank you all for a wonderful evening!

It was a wonderful experience to get to be the Toastmaster for the evening, honing my skills, having closer interactions with all of the participants and guests. As I’ve noticed with all clubs I’ve visited, this club also has its own unique culture. I have never prior been to a club that had so many 20-somethings and it was a fun experience for me!

Thank you for being so welcome and open. It seemed like a great environment in which to learn. What I would like to leave the club with is to be more structured. Start on time, end on time, paying more attention to the details and timing while keeping it open and flowing. It’s a tall order, I know. When I started as President of my club, I had the same challenge.

Toastmasters is not just an environment to learn public speaking, it is also an opportunity to learn how to run a meeting and be respectful of other people’s time, as while as prioritizing your own. Showing up on time and being ready to start on time is showing respect to those who care enough to arrive early, set things up and have things ready to go, on time.

It was a truly wonderful experience, thank you for having me! I have not been able to attend since my last visit, due to a cold and further travel plans. When I come to visit Germany again, I sincerely hope to make it back to Toastmasters Aachen.

All the best!

Micah Maddox
Talk of the Town Toastmasters
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, USA