Tempted! Why so?

Is there something you strive to do more on a regular basis? Go to the gym? Eat healthily? Wake up earlier? Kick a bad habit? No matter what your goals are, it takes a great deal of self-discipline, control, and knowing how to avoid temptation. By fine-tuning the skill, you can not only improve your personal life but also your work life. Let’s take an oath to fight against bad temptation and restore balance in our lives.

The evening was commenced by the Toastmaster with a brief introduction to self-control and ways to achieve it in our daily lives. The evening continued with our Prepared Speaker Ita with her speech Happy Memories which touched everyone with her personal and relatable memory from her life. Our beloved member, Christine took the responsibility of holding the Table Topics Section where she invited all for an opportunity to answer questions on self-control.

To conclude, I would like to thank with immense gratitude Monika, Christine, Ximeng, and Atul for their enthusiastic participation in making the evening a successful one