Surprise Meeting

Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise. – Julia Cameron

On Tuesday we had our first surprise meeting, where the surprise was the theme itself. We started the meeting with an icebreaker question“tell us a surprise information about you!“ then went to our friendly feedback form and note down our intentions for the evening and what was the best gift we ever received or gifted. We decided to change the meeting format and start with the table topics. Nils prepared 5 questions related to gifts and surprises.

Next was the speakers time! We had two astonishing speeches, the first delivered by Vivek who shared with us his philosophy of leadership and the second by Sushant who talked about his communication style. A break followed after that, where people were distributed into smaller breakout sessions and talked freely. When everyone came back refreshed, we started getting the feedback, Freia started by evaluating Nils and the table topic participants followed by Johannes and Jonathan who evaluated the speakers and finally, Arun who evaluated the whole evening. Each one of them gave insightful and advantageous feedback.

We wrapped up the meeting by giving Vivek his surprise gift and started an action in our club; each one shall send a gift to a person of their choice and the next person shall do the same, because sharing is caring, receiving a gift never hurts anyone, and it’s pleasant to feel remembered and cared about.