The art and tradition of storytelling are probably as old as people themselves. Stories are an essential part of human communication and that’s why we devoted ourselves to this topic at the Toastmasters Aachen online meeting on June 30th, 2020. The title „sailor’s thread“ traditionally describes the stories of sailors and sailors, who may not always have been so exact about the truth, but could tell it all the more vividly!

After a tip from Sushant in the evening, we had two speakers, Vivek and Nils K., who told us stories about research competitions and trips to London. Our presenter for speeches Ximeng coaxed some of the other presenters with their creative table topics, one or the other story, whereby one or the other seaman’s yarn was also spun …

In the second part of the evening, our reviewers Esther (reviewer of Nils K.’s speech), Nils B. (reviewer of Vivek’s speech), Harmen (impromptu speech reviewer) and Jonathan (overall reviewer) told us how we did. Our timekeeper Shams made sure that we stayed in the evening and gave us feedback about our speaking times.

Although we prefer to see each other in real life, of course, in the online meetings we have made the need to virtue every now and then and tried out some things that were only made possible by the online meetings. That evening, during the course of the evening, I collected some stories from those present – including characters and locations – through Google Forms and shared them with the audience at the end of the meeting. It is really amazing how many exciting stories came together and I was thrilled by the creativity of the contributions!