After talking last evening about our New Years’s resolutions and things we force ourself to do, this time we dedicated our minds to the beauty of things that we love to do. Dancing Salsa served well as a symbol for things that keep us awake, are fun nevertheless how tired we seem to be.

In harmony with this hidden intention Sonia enriched our minds by granting insight into her own passion and convinced us to start with Yoga or maybe even do more Yoga. Among all highlights of this evening, there was the outstanding ICEBREAKER given by Jannik. Even tough he just joined our club 10 days ago, he delivered a professional performence without any filling words, any notes and any nerviness. With ease he drew us into the vivid story of his more than exhausting cycling trip to Trier, in total a distance of 170km.

Traditionally, the second part of the evening focused again on our spontaneity and challenged five Toastmasters to proof on stage in our beloved art of TableTopics. After our Salsa instructor Dhruva verified and approved our dancing skills, he taught us about the history of Salsa, took us onto an excursion to the streets of New York and even was enlightend about the way of how to approach a girl with the help of music.


Toastmaster of the evening
Michael G.