Mastering your personal breakthrough

16Trying out something NEW  – trying ONESELF out, this was to represent the theme of the 16th May toastmasters meeting. Discovery of TALENTS while moving up the first 10 projects – testing voice, body language, creativity of thought. Also, how to catch the attention of an audience.

MARCIN tried himself as a stand-up comedian with a variety of out-of-the-pocket stories. His teenage past as pimple face „Streuselbrötchen“ had brought about roaring laughter and the same effect had his story at the customs upon his return from Columbia. Marcin was thankful for the round robin feedback.

ALEX proved to us that we will win back lots of time if we break free from electronic devices. Leaving off mobile phones frees time to do new. With his pure detox message, Alex achieved his CC and mastered his personal breakthrough to the next stage within the toastmasters education programme.

SONIA tested the audience on creative thinking using funny „what-if“ questions. JOHANNES projected himself as a STOP turnaround street-sign and WERNER imagined himself stuck at the airport, whilst ESTHER talked herself out of a personality as a crumble within sofa cushions.

Our evaluators DHRUVA, MICHAEL G., AHIKA gave all performers on stage supportive and encouraging feedback. SRIKANTADATTA in the role of general evaluator, wrapped up the evening in an encompassing report including a number of suggestions for the toastmaster.