The theme of tonight’s evening was “Jack-in-the-box”, referring not to the burger restaurant, but to the children’s toy, standing for fun, excitement and laughter. The theme guided us throughout the whole evening: the word of the evening “space shuttle” took us back in time to childhood memories and Esther prepared wonderful table topics, reminding us of our childhood toys and surprises.

The prepared speeches of the evening were no less delightful: the first one, titled The Solution came from Jannik, who gave us an insight into poka-yoke. He was followed by Martin with his 3rd project, The T.E.M gap, in which he motivated us not to let a lack of time, experience or money get in the way of pursuing our dreams. Finally, Dhruva explained to us Toastmasters what we can learn from the US-presidential elections and what went wrong for Hillary Clinton in his speech Lost – A Lesson for Speakers and Leaders from the US Elections.

All in all we had an evening full of surprises (old Toastmasters back in Aachen) and of laughter (wonderfully improvised tabletopics) as well as broad smiles on people’s faces when reminded of their childhood experiences.

I look forward to yet another evening with all of you,