Flow – Being In State

Who did not experience it at least once? Total devotion to the task at hand. The feeling of doing everything right to successfully complete the task while totally forgetting that time is passing. You may have experienced it during running, coding, or while pursuing your hobby. This state of mind is called “Flow”. During our last Toastmaster meeting, next to some wonderfully prepared speeches, we questioned ourselves if this state can only be achieved by chance or if there are precautions, which help us to come into the Flow state for any task at work or during our studies.

In the first part of the evening, we had three speeches. Atul presented his speech “Is it over?”. A story about the willingness of people to help each other. Angelina gave a speech about how to sell anything to anyone. Angelina successfully made the audience participate in her examples, which gave the speech a nice workshop character. Next, Werner gave us useful tips in his speech on how to use Presentation Software in web conferences even more effective. We learned how to have video slides in the background of your own webcam picture. Harmen concluded the first part with a joke about “Flow”, which brought us laughingly to the table topics of the evening.
Julischka had prepared the table topics of the evening and challenged us with questions about Flow. How would you teach the concept of Flow to a child? Does Flow have any downsides? In addition, many more questions. Julischka amazingly concluded the table topics by showing us her meditation to get into the Flow state, which everyone enjoyed and was just the right introduction to the break.

In the second part of the evening, we heard some excellent feedback on the prepared speeches and table topics by Srikantaddata, Sushant, Vivek, and Werner. Not only the speakers but also everyone profited by the provided tips. To round of the topic, we shared a few methods with each other on how to achieve the Flow state for any task at hand, like focus training, setting proper goals, etc. During the whole evening, Monika as the timer helped us to stay on time. Finally, yet importantly, Harmen gave us an overall review of the evening. Our President Nils then concluded the evening by handing out rewards for the best-prepared speech, the best table topic speech, and the best evaluator. As always, the atmosphere had been great and really made us look forward to our next meeting.