Ashika started the evening as president both – enthusiastic and motivating. Despite of the relatively few members and only two prepared speeches the room was already vibrating when Nikolai went on stage as the toastmaster. He introduced the topic of the evening: Feedback. He suggested some rules for feedback: positive feedback first, you instead of he/she and being constructive.

Maximilian used visual aids to take the audience into nowhere – a festival in the north of Spain. He compared the festival with the famous Burning Man festival in Nevada. He showed pictures from his experience and transported some of the positive vibes into the audience.

Daniel explained why compromises by meeting in the middle are often a bad idea. To illustrate that, he wore two different shoes: One brown shoe and one black. Most attendance recognized it only when he mentioned it – it was a very good illustration of his point.

Tabletopics where moderated by Ximeng. She picked up feedback as the topic of the evening. Her moderation and the unprepared speeches became a continues, fluid story.

The evening continues with a series of feedbacks – some of them even picked up the topic of the evening and applied the suggestions.

Ashika ended the evening as enthusiastic and motivating as she started it.