English Club Contest

On Tuesday, the 3rd of March 2020, our official English Club Contest took place. The contest was organized by Angelina, who got ill, so I (Nils) took over the moderation of the evening on short notice. It was amazing to see, how smoothly all participants and helpers worked together and create the awesome contest experience, that we had.

The following persons participated in the contest (all in alphabetical order):
Prepared Speeches:
– Sushant
– Vivek

Evaluation Speeches:
– Atul
– Swagath

Table Topics (TT):
– Atul
– Chandandeep
– Fabio
– Vivek

Vivek (Prepared Speech, TT) and Atul (Evaluation) won the first place in the respective category and will represent our club on the area level. We wish you maximum success!

A special thanks goes to all members, who helped to organize and run the contest (in alphabetical order):
– Ashika (Target Speech, organizing prices for winners and helpers)
– Dima (Timer)
– Dwi (Judge)
– Esther (Judge)
– Johannes (Chief Judge, Timer and Ballot Counter)
– Johnston (Judge)
– Shams (Seargent at Arms, Camera)
– Werner (Judge, TT Master)