English Club Contest 2021

We would like to thank everyone who made the English Club Contest a big success! πŸ™Œ A special big thank you goes to Vivek for the excellent organization and moderation of our next-level contest! 🀩 Big thanks also to our Zoom-Master Johannes for mastering this complex meeting and Jannis for keeping us on time. Furthermore, we would like to thank Nils, our chief judge for his leadership and all anonymous judges (you stay anonymous – but feel personally mentioned) for evaluating such a huge number of great contributions! πŸ‘

This contest would not have been possible without the constant and high-quality organization of our VP Education Team Shams and Dwi – a big thanks to both of you for helping to organize the contest in the background and keeping this club running. πŸ™

Congratulations to all participants in our three categories (in alphabetic order)! πŸ₯³ They showed courage, showed up, and delivered 15 amazing speeches:

🎀 Prepared Speeches: Arun, Christian, Johnston, Ximeng
🎀 Evaluation Speeches: Arun, Atul, Johnston, Sushant, Ximeng
🎀 Table Topic Speeches: Arun, Atul, Christian, Johnston, Sushant, Ximeng

Big congratulations to our winners in the following categories:

🎀 Prepared Speeches 🎀
πŸ† 1st Place: Ximeng
πŸ† 2nd Place: Arun
πŸ† 3rd Place: Christian

🎀 Evaluation Speeches 🎀
πŸ† 1st Place: Ximeng
πŸ† 2nd Place: Arun
πŸ† 3rd Place: Atul

🎀 Table Topic Speeches:🎀
πŸ† 1st Place: Atul
πŸ† 2nd Place: Ximeng
πŸ† 3rd Place: Sushant

Best of success to Ximeng and Atul for presenting us at the Area Contest on Saturday, the 6th of March (starting at 10 AM) (SAVE THE DATE)! 😎🀘 Details to the Zoom access will be provided as soon as we receive them.

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Let’s go Aachen! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯