Topic of the evening: 2016 + 1

It was the last meeting of Toastmasters Aachen for 2016. There were only a few days until New Year’s eve and therefore the meeting theme was “2016 + 1”.

It was a really entertaining evening with a a lot of very advanced speakers. Brigitte visited us from the United Kingdom and surprised us with an amazing improvised speech about her visit to Buckingham Palace. Furthermore, Werner presented his sixth speaking project and gave us very interesting insights in how the future of work could look like.

Finally, Ahsika took her first role as the Table Topic Master and did a fantastic job. She had really creative ideas on what to ask the audience and we had a really good time with her as a moderator.

Last but not least, Sonia, Alexa and Hubert volunteered to evaluate the speakers of the evening. Each and every one of them did a really good job at not only evaluating the speakers, but also on entertaining the whole audience.

Summarizing, the last meeting of 2016 was really exciting. I had a lot of fun being the Toastmaster of the evening and I am looking forward to even greater Toastmasters Aachen club meetings in 2017.