To be, or not to be?

Even though based on that deeply philosophical question, the evenig was far away from beeing a boring lecture about Shakespeare. In addition to the regular three prepared speeches, there was an extraordinary fourth speech given by Klaus, an experienced Toastmaster from Bonn. He visited us to get fresh feedback on his contest speech, talking about “Good or Bad”. Ximeng confronted us with the truth behind the “Red Curtain” in China, Nikolai shared with us the essentials of a successful website whereas Martin raised a laugh with his holiday-underwear-negotiations.

Even tough based on a strict plan, my performance as the TM of the evening was clouded by countless mistakes 😀 Oh boy, I can tell you expect the unexpected and prepare to be not prepared. Moderating this two hours meeting endowed me with several enlightenments. May those two be a help for you, kind reader:

  • If something important is not on your agenda; make a decision, explain short to the audience, take action, stand by your decision
  • If running out of time; know what and how to shorten (e.g. your sentences), don’t say you’re running out of time and don’t overrush important points (e.g. your ending). Even over time everyone will go on listening


Toastmaster of the evening

Michael G.