The 1st of November is a national holiday in Germany. Nevertheless, I am proud to say that we had a wonderful Toastmasters meeting!
The meeting theme was luck and coincidences because I got to take the role of the Toastmasters by a complete coincidence…
For the warm up, Marco gave us the word of the evening which was “chance” and Florian gave us a fantastic tip. Then we had a prepared speech by Matthias with the title “Step by Step” which I found impressive because he proved his point (advance step by step) by standing right there delivering his speech. His speech was later evaluated by Raphael, who is a current European Champion for Speech Evaluation. After that, Sonia pitched her business to us. We were all blown away by her passion for the matter! She later got a round robin feedback where everyone could (and did!) give her advice. The next section, the Table Topics, were moderated by Martin. It was his first time taking this role, and he did an amazing job! The fantastic Table Topic Speeches by Katharina, Caterina, Michael, Tristan, Srikanth, Raphael and Florian are a good proof for that. The Table Topics were evaluated by Alex, who took a tremendous amount of time, but gave an incredibly detailed and helpful feedback. Our technical table consisted of Katharina (Grammarian), Caterina (Ah counter) and Tristan (Timer). They all gave us great insight into the areas of our speaking skills that we are not constantly aware of such as the words we use. In the end Michael gave us a brilliant General Evaluation and we finished the evening with a drink in Kaiserwetter.

Toastmaster of the Evening