The last meeting of the Toastmaster year was one with many lessons learned. One of the biggest lessons as budding and developing communicators is to talk less and say more. Our President Nils, opened up the meeting with a short and simple introduction. I introduced the theme of the meeting, with a short story of how our attention spans are diminishing in a digital world, it is important to convey our messages in a crisp and direct manner, instead of beating around the bush. We move onto our prepared speech section with two of our most accomplished speakers, delivering projects from their respective pathways. Dwi delivered a speech on her reflections from her time as a toastmaster with the title “Just do it.” Johannes, the second speaker, gave us tips on “How does one achieve lifelong sustainable fitness?” by sharing stories of his grandfather.

This was followed by the Table topics segment, which was lead by Vivek, who engaged us with intriguing questions around the theme of the evening. The five table topics speakers gave a heartfelt speech about their experiences.

After a brief Pause, we continued with the Evaluation section. Ita, Mehmet and Maria, each gave wonderful and positive feedback to the speakers Dwi, Johannes and the Table topic speakers respectively. The General evaluator Amadeus, gave us a hopeful and optimistic feedback about the meeting. After a brief word by myself as the toastmaster, to conclude the session, I handed the stage over to Nils. Nils shared his experience as the President of Aachen Toastmasters, during the most difficult times of Covid, he expressed his gratitude for the great team he had to support him through these challenging times. With the lessons learned, we look forward to newer and more exciting meetings in the future.