Outdoor Event

On 4th October, we had met at Aachen Municipal Park close to Eurogress.  It was one of the first nights where we had felt autumn was making its way through after a long period of sunshine and warmth in the month of September.

We were eight Toastmasters sitting comfortably but not necessarily too warm in a half circle towards the illuminated fountain. It was very romantic and it would have been the ideal location in a warmer period, like a week ahead.

The thin icy layer that seemed to have surrounded the toastmasters broke away easily with the sympathy and humour of our three speakers: Dhruva, Werner and Alex.  Their words voice and gestures had been so smart & funny that the audience seemed to have been brought back to life in an instance.

Barbara had entertained us with four table topics given to Arian, Srikanth, Caterina and Joyce. The table topic award went to Srikanth, our new member from Bangalore (India). Among our speech evaluators, Johannes had won the award. Srikanth and Nils had come very close, though.

It was a night with some members in double roles only to mention Nils in his spontaneous role as speech evaluator & ah-counter and Monika in her spontaneous role as table topics evaluator & toastmaster. Maria had the timer role, quite a challenge as moonlight was scarce that night.

My special thanks go to our President and VPE for their advertising help and constructive criticism prior the meeting. Dhruva and Alex, you are the best!