Minimalism has been an emergent trend over the past couple of years. It is about defining what constitutes “enough” for oneself – be it regarding one’s possessions or other areas of one’s life. This principle can also be applied to public speaking. Even though we learn a wide variety of speaking techniques at Toastmasters, more often than not, in practice, following basic principles of public speaking suffice to deliver a great presentation while applying every trick in the book may come across as over-the-top.

On November 12th, we conducted a Toastmasters meeting with the topic “Minimalism” to explore the concept in practice. The meeting agenda was filled to the brim (pretty unminimalist, but awesome!) with speakers, evaluators, moderators, and supporters. Whoever did not sign up for a role could still participate in the Table Topics session hosted by Vivek who had us sell clutter from home to the crowd.

The winners of the evening were:
– Chandandeep (“Define yourself”, prepared speech)
– Atul (“Napoleon’s magic perfume”, table topic speech)
– Werner (evaluation of Hendrik’s speech)

I was very impressed by the enthusiam and creativity that all the participants contributed to the evening and I am looking forward to taking the toastmaster role again soon!