Make them Laugh – A humorous evening

What better way to kick off the live meetings of Toastmasters Aachen, than adding a dash of humour to it. As the TMOD, I wanted to bring to the members, who were bored with looking at their laptop screens, a fun-filled exciting evening. Hence, I decided to host the meeting on my lawn at Laurensberg. Due to restrictions during the COVID crisis, the number of attending members was restricted to fifteen. Many thanks to Julischka and Prunthani for helping me plan and organize the event.
The meeting started with a quick introduction by our president Nils who expressed his joy and relief in finally having a Toastmasters evening live. I took over from Nils and went on to introduce the theme of the evening as well as get some laughs. The grammarian Atul presented not one but two words of the evening: Zealous and Fervent. This was followed by three amazing prepared speeches by three dynamic speakers. Angelina presented an unconventional speech on the Cold call sales approach, Johannes tried his hand at humor with a very creative and funny topic on his life as a half German- half Japanese man, and finally, Dima, who has returned to the club after a break, presented a neat set of tips on what makes us unhappy.

This was followed by the thrilling table topic segment moderated by Prunthani. She selected the hilarious topics in tune with the theme and maintained the cheerfulness throughout the segment. Kudos to the participants of the table topics to have us all rolling on the floor laughing.

After a 10 minute break, we continued with the evaluation segment, where Christine, Werner, and Jonathan gave encouraging feedback to the prepared speakers. Ashika performed the role of the special evaluator, who closely monitored the Table topic master’s presentation. She presented an evaluation, highlighting Prunthani’s strengths and also mentioned some avenues which she could experiment with. Meaza, who was the Table topic evaluator, presented her feedback in an equally funny and hilarious way as the table topic speakers. And finally, Swagat gave his motivating feedback on the overall meeting as the General evaluator. Taking the stage once again, I highlighted the importance of laughter, and how we must try and laugh every day to live life to the fullest.