The topic of the evening was focus, reminding us that the key thing for our own development at Toastmasters and in our overall life is focus and dedication. To be successful, we need to focus on a few things we want to improve and change. Hence, everyone of us wrote down one thing that he or she wanted to focus on, for this evening. For Daniel, the toastmaster of the evening, this was certainly the main takeaway from his first ever appearance in this role.

At least for the non-native English speakers, Janani gave us with “ebullient” a challenging task for the word of the evening and Mark shared his success tip with us.

Monika took us with her on a journey to Ethiopia. She vividly explained first hand impressions, pictures and anecdotes from her visit in 2016. By spreading the fascination and passion for the natural beauty of the country and the kindness of its people, all of us got anxious to learn more from Monica once she returns from her upcoming trip, or even first hand.

In the second speech of the evening and of his career as a Toastmaster, Yannik reminded us to carefully distinguish between correlation and causality.  There may be a correlation between two things happening together. Still, there might not be causality so that one induces the other. Something completely different can be the reason causing both. Mistaking a correlation for a causality will lead us to wrong conclusions and decisions.

Caterina prepared four exciting and challenging table topics, all around “focus”. As always, we concluded the evening with encouraging and valuable feedback for the speakers by Martin, Nikolai and Ximeng.