Competent Communicators and Competent Leaders

The 18/08 wasn’t a normal meeting❗️
After the accumulation of our club members’ achievements we decided to organize a special event 🥳 and celebrate that but at the same time give everyone a motivation for pathways and that was the intention and the birth of the idea. We started the event by handing over the gifts to Nils Bertram, Ashika, Angelina, Vivek, Thomas, and Johannes. Before we started explaining the pathways game we acknowledged Werner und Nils’ achievements as well and gave them pathways Pins. The games aim was to make pathways elective projects familiar to the group since although everyone has different paths, elective projects are the same for everyone, so we split into a group of two and had 2 minutes to prepare an explanation of a project to the group and the group had to guess which project they were presenting and the two winners (Dwi and Angelina) got Haribo gummi bears 🤩 After that, we sat in a circle and started answering random questions which were in a Lindt box so everyone got to get chocolate as well We finished up the meeting with some delicious pizza and singing happy birthday to our president! It was a pleasure and fun to organize the whole experience and to see what you planned in mind reveal in real life was amazing!

Here are also comments from the people who were there:⭐️This was a special TM event aiming to acknowledge achievements during the year. But it was above that. Shams and Prunthani organized the flow with a big heart and a great mind and one could sense it. Handed the praises reflecting on personal highlights of the person, organized fun, and constructive pathway workshop. Brought the nicest vibe to the evening and carried the ceremony on the level of a prestigious event. The location and food were right. Objectively was a pleasure and honor to be part of this moment. Personally, it brightened my challenging  Tuesday. Thank you so much, girls! You did more than just a good organization!⭐️

What a fantastic evening! We started out with a short address by the Toastmaster of the evening- Shams, who, one by one, introduced all the recipients of the CC/CL award and handed them their gifts. The gifts contained a book and chocolate picked out by the member, neatly packaged along with some heartwarming messages in a note. After that, we all split into groups of two for exploring and talking about the Pathways program. We all sat in a circle and each member answered one question about themselves. There was pizza waiting for us right after. We also recorded a belated birthday video message for Nils- the President of the club. A big thanks to Shams and Prunthani for organizing this and for putting all the love and care into the gifts.🤩 Thanks, also, to all the amazing people who wrote the messages on my card 🏼🥰

Meaza: We had a wonderful toastmasters evening. We met at a secret spot at the Stadtpark, where we had our own space. Even when the fountain in the background was very beautiful to see, it took a bit of the sound of the speaker. Shams said thank you to the people and gave them book presents. While she gave the presents to the people she combined them while telling her personal moments with them. I really liked this part a lot, because it was personal and as a listener, you could feel it comes from the heart. In advance, she also asked us to write something personal about these winners of the evening. And she made a paper with these notes into the books. The second part was a pathway game where we had to explain important aspects of the pathway to the others. It was fun, because always in a pair we went on stage to describe the searching words. It was a little bit like a mime. We had fun and learned about pathways in a different way. The third part was sitting in a circle while answering a question from a chocolate box. With his game, we had the possibility to become known the person in another way, nice. And the last part was eating together yummy pizza in the park. Aaah and every participant got a person Ahhh, and everybody got a nice, personal message written on a paper Wich we got with the Klemmbrett. Everything was perfectly organized and Prunthani and Shams put a lot of effort into create such a successful and beautiful evening. We have them a big Applause.I really was touched by her personal story with the TM people and Ed the evening a lot.