Club Contest: Prepared Speeches- English

Excitement Is Impossible Where There Is No Contest. – Henry Cabot Lodge

Therefore, we decide to conduct our first online unofficial contest on the 13th of October 2020.
The contest started immediately after introducing the guests. We had 4 outstanding contestants, Johnston spread awareness about anxiety disorder with his speech “Slip of Happiness”, Dima urged us to free ourselves from the imprinted impressions we got as kids in order to not get in our way growing up with the speech “who am I”?, Arun asked us to treat ourselves like champions, for we have aced the toughest race, mankind has known in a speech titled “will you”?, and finally Christian encouraged us to open our heart and to be aware of the nanoseconds because they can change your life in his speech “How Nanoseconds can Change your Life”. Johnston was the second-place winner, and Arun WON THE CONTEST! hence, Arun will proceed to the Area contest which will be held in Bonn on the 1st of November.

After the contest, we changed the usual meeting/contest format and decided to do an activity, where everyone was coupled with someone they didn’t know in a breakout room, had 5 minutes to get to know each other because when they come back they will start explaining the things they got to know about the other person without mentioning their names and the rest need to guess with whom they were.

All in all, the meeting was a lot of fun, filled with guests and many lessons to be learned.