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We would like to thank everyone who made the English Club Contest a big success! 🙌 A special big thank you goes to Vivek for the excellent organization and moderation of our next-level contest! 🤩 Big thanks also to our Zoom-Master Johannes for mastering this complex meeting and Jannis for keeping us on time. Furthermore, […]
Allergrößten Dank und Respekt an Dima und Johannes für die grandiose Organisation unseres deutschen Clubwettbewerbs! 🎉🏆 Ihre grandiose Arbeit im Vorder- und Hintergrund hat den Wettbewerb erst zu dem Erlebnis werden lassen, welches wir heute erleben durften. Nicht nur diese woche, sondern viele Tage im Voraus haben sie erstaunliches als Team geleistet – daher noch […]
With the upcoming weeks to be this year’s toastmaster’s contest, this week’s theme was purposefully titled: Practice, practice, practice! Some would say it is very “practical”. After our President Nils welcomed the audience to the meeting, I introduced the theme of the day by taking us back to elementary mathematics and the necessity of practice. […]
Ein Jahr geht zu Ende, ein neues steht schon vor der Tür. „Endlich vorbei! Danke für gar nichts!“ , so oder so ähnlich verabschiedeten viele das Jahr 2020. Doch war es wirklich so schlimm? HIMMELSSTÜCK X – Yoko Ono Der Himmel ist nicht nur über unseren Köpfen. Er streckt sich bis runter auf die Erde. […]
“Blessed is the season that engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.” Nearing towards its end, we bid adieu to the year 2020 with our last Toastmaster evening on 22nd December. The meeting aimed to spark creativity, happiness and surprise by introducing Special Spot-on Challenges to all the active participants of the evening. […]
Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise. – Julia Cameron On Tuesday we had our first surprise meeting, where the surprise was the theme itself. We started the meeting with an icebreaker question”tell us a surprise information about you!” then went to our friendly feedback form and note down our intentions for […]
So ungewöhnlich der Titel vielleicht auch schien, so abwechslungsreich war der Zoom-Abend mit immerhin 18 Teilnehmern, darunter 3 Gästen. Verständlich, dass Vivek als Stegreifredenmoderator schon im Vorfeld nach einer Erklärung bei Barbara, der toastmasterin des Abends, nachgefragt hatte, was denn unter dem Schweinehund zu verstehen sei. Umso schöner, dass auch Vivek seine Fragen bei den […]
Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world. -Robert McKee On Tuesday, November we took a detour from our normal Toastmasters meetings and conducted a Storytelling Workshop. Our aim was to allow everyone to create an opportunity for our members and guests to learn about storytelling from an expert public speaker […]
“All or nothing can leave you with a lot of nothing”- a phrase that caught my eyes and thinking deeper about it compelled me to discuss this with my fellow Toastmasters. As a result, I kept the theme of our latest Toastmasters Evening as “The Power of some”- an evening where we discussed how small […]
Who did not experience it at least once? Total devotion to the task at hand. The feeling of doing everything right to successfully complete the task while totally forgetting that time is passing. You may have experienced it during running, coding, or while pursuing your hobby. This state of mind is called “Flow”. During our […]