Attitude of Gratitude

I learned how the other side of the show works. The effort that has to be put in so that the guests and other fellow members can go home with a smile on their faces knowing they enjoyed it and learned something from the evening you were Toastmaster. Before the day even begins I still had some roles that weren’t filled up, which is why I had to contact some members through a short message and ask them if they could help me out by signing up. The evening after all played out very fine, although I must admit I was feeling a bit nervous from time to time, checking constantly the schedule and seeing if I wasn’t missing anything. I learned a lot better the last names of my fellow members, because I like to greet them on stage with their full names, so that helped me connect more with my team that night. I also almost forgot to tell people to take two minutes to evaluate a prepared speech we had just heard, but luckily my friend Mark reminded me on time. It’s a nice experience I would re commend every new member to do after attending a couple of times, just to give it a try, everyone is there to help you and you’ll feel fulfilled and satisfied after all.