Action Cures Everything

We do not know a single successful person who does not a) work their face off and b) have to conquer themselves daily in order to make their dreams a reality – or at very best, have a higher quality of life.

Tonight was a reminder to me, just as much at the other Toastmasters, that taking small steps in the right direction, is all we need to overcome fear, laziness and loss of productivity.

Some tips were share over the course of the evening, like having accountability partners, ‘eating the frog first’, and of course that success is the result of process.  And Club Aachen is a very dedicated group, that is no stranger to process.

Our resident stuntman and daredevil gave us some brain-tickling table topics, and we enjoyed legendary story telling and research presentations from very talented speakers.  The evaluations provided some food for thought to carry the level of quality to  the next dimension, and we are really excited to see our main ‘actors’ in their next iterations.

We finished off the evening by breaking off into pairs, looking each other in the eye, stating what our next goal was and timeline for said goal (within the context of Toastmasters, or not), AND shaking hands on that declaration.

Action really does cure everything.