Our Mentoring Program


Anyone and everyone can benefit from a mentoring partnership, regardless of level of experience at Toastmasters, professional experience, cultural background, and personal goals.


Our voluntary mentoring program is a more personalized approach to addressing training needs in the areas of speech preparation and delivery, leadership, and personal communication.


We all have different schedules and commitments, although it is practical to see and meet your mentoring partner at regular club meetings, often, there isn’t enough time to chat during the break. You are free to schedule your teamwork as you like.


Mentoring is now a part of Level 2 in all Pathways programs. The key is to start thinking like a mentor and mentee today. Each new member of Toastmasters is offered the opportunity to have a mentor within a few weeks of joining the club.  The length of mentorship is also determined by you and your partner.

Why ?

Each of us has talents and gifts to share, and each of us has questions, doubts and areas where we hesitate. Making information accessible and transferable creates a stronger sense of community and builds a foundation for club survival over decades.


Mentors and mentees can define themselves how they want to work, and for how long. If you’d like more structure, or need some ideas on optimizing your mentoring relationship, have a look at the following resources.