Month: November 2020

“All or nothing can leave you with a lot of nothing”- a phrase that caught my eyes and thinking deeper about it compelled me to discuss this with my fellow Toastmasters. As a result, I kept the theme of our latest Toastmasters Evening as “The Power of some”- an evening where we discussed how small […]
Who did not experience it at least once? Total devotion to the task at hand. The feeling of doing everything right to successfully complete the task while totally forgetting that time is passing. You may have experienced it during running, coding, or while pursuing your hobby. This state of mind is called “Flow”. During our […]
Active Listening and Proactive Responding from members and guests alike highlighted the evening and paved way for numerous productive conversations. Prepared Speeches throwing light on the Science of Persuasion and the reality that the Truth would bore us from Johnston and Vivek respectively triggered the thinking minds adding value to the evening. The icing on […]