Month: October 2016

Toastmaster Irene led through this very special evening: With Dhruva and Hubert we had two birthday children and of course they got “Happy Birthday” sung by us. With Irene and Hannah, who lives now in Cologne, we had two of the “founding mothers” of the club present, and they were very happy to see how […]
Unter dem Motto „Trau dich“ leitete Sonia die Aachener Toastmasters durch den Abend. Es war ihre erste Rolle als Toastmaster und sie stellte fest, dass es sehr viel Spaß macht die Moderation des Abends zu übernehmen. Es war ein spannender Abend mit vielen Teilnehmern, darunter auch sechs Gäste, sodass alle Rollen besetzt waren. Zuerst berichtete […]
On 4th October, we had met at Aachen Municipal Park close to Eurogress.  It was one of the first nights where we had felt autumn was making its way through after a long period of sunshine and warmth in the month of September. We were eight Toastmasters sitting comfortably but not necessarily too warm in […]