Einführung des neuen Vorstands für 2020/2021!

On 07.07.2020 the time had finally come:
Toastmasters Aachen eV has a new board for 2020/2021!

As the former president and toast master of the evening, I took this as an opportunity to lead the evening under the theme of “leadership”.
The evening started with each predecessor saying a few nice, motivating words to his successors. This was to implement the idea of ​​“handing over the scepter”.
THANKS 🧡 to all predecessors who Shams and I were allowed to contact in the evening and who willingly accepted the task.
The speeches followed after the introduction of the new board positions. The peculiarity here was that all three speeches on the topic of „leadership“ were adjusted.
Barbara Hilser „Why board and leadership work are important“
Christian Harting „Leadership for the modern world“
Christine Colveray “A leader in the making”,
you gave the topic “Leadership” a personal touch with your speeches!
In the last part of the evening, Shams designed the table topics. This time it was about explaining terms such as love, joy, friendship, anger and sadness without using the terms themselves or similar terms.
THANKS 🧡 to you too, Shams! Your ability to redesign each table topic in its own way enriches Toastmasters Aachen eV very much!

Last but not least:
It was an honor for me to be your president in the 2019/2020 board year and I am happy to hand over my scepter to the new president Nils Kröll.
Nils, I wish you many challenging and instructive moments in the 2020/2021 board year!

Prunthajini Sivatheerthan
President of Toastmasters Aachen
07/2019 to 06/2020