Do You Believe in Magic?

Thanks so much fellow toastmasters for a rich, entertaining and inspiring evening!  An opportunity to highlight the everyday transformative magic involved in overcoming our fears little by little, our session last night was like an unexpected meeting of many magical characters.  We had the pleasure of enjoying a final Competent Communications project from Werner and an icebreaker speech from Daniel W.  Esther, our table topics fairy, prepared some deep questions and very meaningful quotes four our consideration – and with six guests present, there was a very exciting round of spontaneous speeches, indeed.   Katharina  gave us a mini-lesson in Defense against the dark arts (aka common grammar mistakes) and our guest Robert reminded us to not use too many filler words in our “ Abracadrabras“ .  At times, our heads were spinning with the heady and sublime topics.  The major laughs over the course of the night left us energized! Thanks again!