The 5th Online meeting was themed B.L.A.S.T, which is not what you’re thinking, it’s an abbreviation for Boredom Loneliness Anger Stress Tiredness, the 5 internal triggers, some might call them H.A.L.T adding Hunger.

Although I was a toastmaster not so long time ago, I wanted to grab the online meeting opportunity, it’s a new experience that I enjoyed being part of it. While the number of the total members joining online meetings is less than the normal meetings and we rarely have any guests, we were fortunate enough to have two very engaged guests who took part in the table topics. Despite all the last-minute changes, the agenda was full at the end with three speakers and a table topics session conducted by Nils asking divers questions related to the theme.

To wrap up, I was terrified from the first online meeting, it took me couple minutes to enter the meeting that day and I even joined because I had a role otherwise I would have skipped it and had have lost many great new skills to learn, so forever thankful for that role. I encourage everyone to join the online meetings they are different, good different.