New Year – New Feeling!

It all started with our President’s call-to-action Message in the Toastmasters Whatsapp group. Once I had read the massage, I was thinking about volunteering for that role, but didn’t quite have the courage to step forward. As TM of the evening, you have a lot of time on stage and a great responsibility. I always admired good TOEs, as the were able to provide a frame for all the contributions the other participants made – like getting the general message of the talk and commenting on it. You have to be awake and aware of whats happening on stage.
And one day,  I spontaneously took the opportunity to fill exactly that role.
It was the first meeting of the year, so a theme everybody was in the mood for was of course new beginnings and new year’s resolutions. It was also easy to blend the theme in because I had thought it  through a bit on my own.
I was lucky to have a really easy day since it was holidays time for me. I was relaxed and paying attention to the speakers and so contrary to my fear, I had something to say about everyone before and after they spoke. It also helps to know the people you are introducing, to give the audience a perspective on the person to start with – it generates suspense.
I liked moderating the evening, compared to all the speaches and tabletopics I’ve delivered, I was remarkably calm and balanced, I had the feeling to inhabit the stage naturally and to deliver all the speaches through the other speaker – I had the feeling to proudly present what I find worthy of being presented. So in conclusion I have to say, I’m glad I took the opportunity and I’m thankful for this experience providing me with this warm and friendly feeling of being relaxed on stage and feeling at home.
I can only recommend it to every member as a step on the path to more confidence and competence.
Mark R.