Monat: Januar 2021

With the upcoming weeks to be this year’s toastmaster’s contest, this week’s theme was purposefully titled: Practice, practice, practice! Some would say it is very “practical”. After our President Nils welcomed the audience to the meeting, I introduced the theme of the day by taking us back to elementary mathematics and the necessity of practice. […]
Ein Jahr geht zu Ende, ein neues steht schon vor der Tür. „Endlich vorbei! Danke für gar nichts!“ , so oder so ähnlich verabschiedeten viele das Jahr 2020. Doch war es wirklich so schlimm? HIMMELSSTÜCK X – Yoko Ono Der Himmel ist nicht nur über unseren Köpfen. Er streckt sich bis runter auf die Erde. […]
„Blessed is the season that engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.“ Nearing towards its end, we bid adieu to the year 2020 with our last Toastmaster evening on 22nd December. The meeting aimed to spark creativity, happiness and surprise by introducing Special Spot-on Challenges to all the active participants of the evening. […]
Mystery is at the heart of creativity. That, and surprise. – Julia Cameron On Tuesday we had our first surprise meeting, where the surprise was the theme itself. We started the meeting with an icebreaker question“tell us a surprise information about you!“ then went to our friendly feedback form and note down our intentions for […]